New Stratos Programs Attract First Time Buyers of Mobile Broadband Services

--New BGAN and FleetBroadband customers can select plans featuring low starting rates and no capital investment--

Bethesda, Maryland (July 21, 2009) - Stratos Global Corporation, the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, today unveiled two new pricing programs designed to make it easy for first-time buyers to experience the benefits of the industry's most popular mobile broadband services. The plans enable new customers to deploy Inmarsat BGAN and FleetBroadband services by bundling equipment and airtime with no capital investment, or take advantage of new starter plans with lower usage allowances.

BGAN and FleetBroadband Bundles Simplify Purchase
BGAN Bundles from Stratos and FleetBroadband Bundles from Stratos offer first-time users equipment and airtime for one low monthly payment, with no activation fees and no capital investment. With these bundled offerings, customers are able to keep their BGAN or FleetBroadband terminals at the end of the contract period.

BGAN and FleetBroadband Starter Plans Feature Affordability, Flexibility
BGAN Starter Plans from Stratos and FleetBroadband Starter Plans from Stratos offer new customers one monthly rate with no subscription fees, no activation fees and low usage allowances. By paying for a year of service in advance, Starter Plan customers receive access to their minute and/or bandwidth allowance anytime within that 12-month period.

Included in all of these new plans are The Stratos Advantage value-added services that enable users to keep costs within budget by monitoring airtime and restricting unauthorized usage.

"Progressive companies worldwide have become aware of the highly successful BGAN and FleetBroadband services. For IT managers who have been waiting for the right time to experience the advantages of mobile broadband, these new pricing programs offer an excellent, affordable opportunity," said Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm.

He concluded, "We are confident that once our new customers begin deployment of BGAN and FleetBroadband - and witness the improved performance of their business-critical applications - they will quickly realize the benefit."

For more information on these new pricing plans, please contact Stratos 24/7 customer service via email at, via phone worldwide at +1-709-748-4226 or toll-free in North America at 1-800-563-2255.

About BGAN from Stratos
Stratos is one of the world's largest distributors of Inmarsat's BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) service, a mobile satellite offering that uses portable, lightweight terminals to provide video (guaranteed up to 384 kbps streaming), high-speed data (up to 492 kbps) and voice connectivity anywhere in the world. Stratos now boasts more than 10,000 BGAN activations in 185 countries.

Since its introduction in late 2005, BGAN from Stratos has been widely adopted by media organizations, military agencies, first responders and professionals in many other industries worldwide. More information on BGAN from Stratos is available at

About FleetBroadband from Stratos
Stratos is also the world's largest distributor of Inmarsat's FleetBroadband, which provides cost-effective, high-speed data and voice communications - available simultaneously - at speeds up to 432kpbs. Stratos has activated more than 1,000 FleetBroadband systems across all major geographic regions and vessel types.

FleetBroadband from Stratos also provides on-demand guaranteed IP data rates, regardless of the vessel's location. The above-deck, stabilized, compact directional antennas are smaller than most existing Inmarsat Fleet products used today. FleetBroadband from Stratos also helps Stratos continue to provide ship managers with innovative crew-communications solutions, to support the recruitment and retention of well-trained seafarers. For example, FleetBroadband from Stratos is now available with a pre-paid web-browsing solution and other valuable services.

Stratos is the largest supplier of mobile satellite services to the maritime industry, with communications to more than 40,000 maritime terminals worldwide. In addition to FleetBroadband, Stratos' industry-leading portfolio of maritime broadband satellite services includes Iridium OpenPort and the VSAT solutions OceanVSAT and StratosITek. More information on FleetBroadband from Stratos is available at

About The Stratos Advantage
Stratos customers fully utilize The Stratos Advantage, a suite of value-added services that help elevate BGAN from Stratos and FleetBroadband from Stratos far above baseline offerings. These value-added services, including Stratos Dashboard, provide users with cost control, firewall management, full traffic information, pre-paid facilities, high security options, easy VPN access, messaging services and full IP range.

About Stratos
Stratos is the world's trusted leader for vital communications. Stratos offers the most powerful and extensive portfolio of remote communications solutions including mobile and fixed satellite and microwave services. More than 20,000 customers use Stratos products and industry-leading value-added services to optimize communications performance. Stratos serves U.S. and international government, military, first responder, NGO, oil and gas, industrial, maritime, aeronautical, enterprise, and media users on seven continents and across the world's oceans. Stratos is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inmarsat plc. For more information, visit

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