Renowned Crab Fishing Captain Sig Hansen Featured in Popular TV Series Selects FleetBroadband

--Captain and crew benefit from improved connectivity during long voyages--

Bethesda, Maryland (November 19, 2009) - Stratos Global Corporation, the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, today announced it has successfully deployed the Inmarsat FleetBroadband 500 broadband satellite service for Sig Hansen, the renowned Seattle-based captain of the crab fishing vessel Northwestern. In recent years, Capt. Hansen has been prominently featured in a popular documentary television series for which he also serves as technical production advisor. The Emmy-nominated series captures the dangers, adventures and disasters of a fleet of crab-fishing boats on the icy Bering Sea.

FleetBroadband from Stratos provides cost-effective, high-speed data and voice communications - available simultaneously - at speeds up to 432kpbs. Capt. Hansen has successfully integrated FleetBroadband from Stratos with AmosConnect Crew from Stratos to manage all email, fax, and SMS communications. The new system enables Capt. Hansen and his crew to effectively manage office applications, upload pictures to their families, and upload video to the vessel's website

Stratos has provided Capt. Hansen with a wide range of mobile satellite communications solutions for more than 10 years. A lifelong Pacific crab fisherman, he has captained the Northwestern for nearly 20 years. During that time, the award-winning vessel has never had a death at sea and its serious-injury rate has been significantly lower than other boats in the Bering Sea fleet.

"FleetBroadband provides us with real-time communications onboard. With broadband Internet, email and voice communications, we can now run our boat like a business, and also stay in better contact with our families during long voyages," said Capt. Hansen.

Stratos has activated more than 1,500 FleetBroadband systems across all major geographic regions and vessel types for organizations including the Royal Netherlands Navy, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, MPC Steamship and Albacora Group. Capt. Hansen chose Stratos as his FleetBroadband provider based primarily on the wide range of value-added services that Stratos offers. Those field-tested services, known as The Stratos Advantage, help ship managers attain the highest possible performance and support from FleetBroadband, at the lowest possible cost.

Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm said, "The work of Capt. Hansen and his crew aboard the Northwestern typifies the difficult professional life of Pacific crab fishermen. By providing the ability to increase productivity and stay in touch with friends, family and fans, our FleetBroadband solution helps make life a bit easier for these admirable mariners."

While numerous merchant and commercial fishing vessels have deployed FleetBroadband 250 and FleetBroadband 500 systems from Stratos, many smaller fishing vessels are examining Inmarsat's new entry-level service FleetBroadband 150 (FB150). Combining a high-quality telephone connection with simultaneous IP data at up to 150kbps and SMS texting, FB150 from Stratos is ideal for small to medium-sized vessels requiring single-user Internet access and email. The compact and easy-to-install FB150 offers affordable and reliable communications worldwide.

FleetBroadband from Stratos provides on-demand guaranteed IP data rates, regardless of the vessel's location. The above-deck, stabilized, compact directional antennas are smaller than most existing Inmarsat Fleet products used today. This system enables ship managers to deploy innovative crew-communications solutions to support the recruitment and retention of well-trained seafarers. For example, FleetBroadband from Stratos is now available with a pre-paid web-browsing solution and other valuable services.

Communications managers will find that FleetBroadband from Stratos can be rapidly deployed across an entire fleet and, as a standard IP service, seamlessly integrated with head-office networks. Terminals operate globally and the user interface is standard across all products. FleetBroadband from Stratos supports any IP service, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and ISDN data for legacy applications. Terminal costs are relatively low and the network supports all the latest security protocols.

Stratos offers a wide range of value-added services to provide ship managers with optimal communications performance, management control and cost efficiency. Stratos is the largest supplier of mobile satellite services to the maritime industry, with communications to more than 40,000 maritime terminals worldwide. In addition to FleetBroadband, Stratos' industry-leading portfolio of maritime broadband satellite services includes Iridium OpenPort and the VSAT solutions OceanVSAT and StratosITek.

FleetBroadband from Stratos Features The Stratos Advantage
With the benefit of The Stratos Advantage, FleetBroadband from Stratos is elevated far above baseline FleetBroadband services. The value-added services comprising The Stratos Advantage provide users with cost and traffic control, high-usage metering, firewall management, data optimization, real-time traffic overviews, instant remote provisioning, high security options, easy VPN access, messaging services and a full IP range. More than 10,000 mobile users in 180 countries already utilize The Stratos Advantage for BGAN, the land-based version of FleetBroadband. The Stratos Advantage is now fully available for FleetBroadband. Customers utilizing FleetBroadband from Stratos have already begun taking full advantage of this new maritime offering.

In addition to offering The Stratos Advantage, Stratos works with application partners to deliver broadband business solutions in key maritime business areas. These solutions include voyage management, remote management, IT management and cargo management, which help reduce fuel and operations costs and improve crew and customer satisfaction. Maritime customers can secure more information on FleetBroadband from Stratos by calling their Stratos account manager or by visiting

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