Stratos Successfully Deploys FleetBroadband for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Bethesda, Maryland (February 2, 2009) - Stratos Global Corporation, the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, today announced it has successfully completed an Inmarsat FleetBroadband field trial with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. Bernhard Schulte Group owns 90 vessels and manages 650 vessels worldwide.

The three-month field trial was conducted onboard the Bernhard Schulte merchant vessel Marianne Schulte in European waters and the Caribbean Sea. Telaccount Overseas Ltd. managed the installation of a Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband terminal onboard the vessel.

The successful trial led to Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement's retaining the FleetBroadband from Stratos system, which it will use to manage the Marianne Schulte's daily operations at sea.

FleetBroadband from Stratos also was successfully integrated with AmosConnect to manage all email traffic. Other applications successfully tested over FleetBroadband during the trial included the Bernhard Schulte office applications, remote support via Ultra VNC, MSN instant messaging, video chat, FTP via Cute FTP, and web browsing for access to maritime web sites and world news.

"We are a busy vessel that carries valuable cargo, so we need to stay in touch with our shore office in Shanghai every day," said Marianne Schulte Captain Abrahim Mohan. "From the beginning we had no problem using FleetBroadband for key operational tasks, because the system is simple to use and reliable. The voice channel is very clear and data transfer is much faster than the system we had before."

Mohan added, "I'm delighted that we are able to keep the FleetBroadband from Stratos system onboard permanently. Our positive experience has led to our recommending the system to 15 of our ship-owner customers."

Adonis Violaris, group marketing and communications director for Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and director of Telaccount Overseas, said, "The trial gave us the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of a new technology and to see how we could make it work for our fleet and our crew. It also enabled Telaccount Overseas to focus completely on meeting customer requirements. We were very satisfied with the performance because we managed to run all our office applications from the vessel over FleetBroadband."

Stratos channel partner One Net Ltd. assisted Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement with many aspects of the Marianne Schulte field trial, providing training on Stratos Dashboard and AmosConnect.

One Net Director Michalis Hadjisttylianou said, "The FleetBroadband system onboard the Marianne Schulte is operated under strict cost-control rules, using the flexibility of Stratos Dashboard. With FleetBroadband from Stratos, the vessel is transmitting higher data volumes than before the trial, at the same spending levels."

The successful Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement field trial was one in an extensive global series of trials that Stratos is conducting to secure feedback from ship managers on FleetBroadband from Stratos and its wide range of value-added services. Stratos has activated several hundred FleetBroadband systems across all major geographic regions and vessel types.

Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm said, "Our ongoing series of FleetBroadband field trials is generating a very high level of positive feedback. Managers of some of the world's largest commercial vessels are finding that FleetBroadband from Stratos provides optimal applications performance, along with unrivaled security and support."

FleetBroadband from Stratos provides cost-effective, high-speed data and voice communications - available simultaneously - at speeds up to 432kpbs. FleetBroadband from Stratos also provides on-demand guaranteed IP data rates, regardless of the vessel's location. The above-deck, stabilized, compact directional antennas are smaller than most existing Inmarsat Fleet products used today.

FleetBroadband from Stratos also helps Stratos continue to provide ship managers with innovative crew-communications solutions, to support the recruitment and retention of well-trained seafarers. For example, FleetBroadband from Stratos is now available with a pre-paid web-browsing solution and other valuable services.

Communications managers will find that FleetBroadband from Stratos can be rapidly deployed across an entire fleet and, as a standard IP service, seamlessly integrated with head-office networks. Terminals operate globally and the user interface is standard across all products. FleetBroadband from Stratos supports any IP service, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and ISDN data for legacy applications. Terminal costs are relatively low and the network supports all the latest security protocols.

Stratos offers a wide range of value-added services to provide ship managers with optimal communications performance, management control and cost efficiency. Stratos is the largest supplier of mobile satellite services to the maritime industry, with communications to more than 40,000 maritime terminals worldwide. In addition to FleetBroadband, Stratos' industry-leading portfolio of maritime broadband satellite services includes the VSAT solutions OceanVSAT and StratosITek and Iridium OpenPort.

FleetBroadband from Stratos Features The Stratos Advantage

With the benefit of The Stratos Advantage, FleetBroadband from Stratos is elevated far above baseline FleetBroadband services. The value-added services comprising The Stratos Advantage provide users with cost and traffic control, high-usage metering, firewall management, data optimization, real-time traffic overviews, instant remote provisioning, high security options, easy VPN access, messaging services and a full IP range. More than 10,000 mobile users in 180 countries already utilize The Stratos Advantage for BGAN, the land-based version of FleetBroadband. The Stratos Advantage is now fully available for FleetBroadband. Customers utilizing FleetBroadband from Stratos have already begun taking full advantage of this new maritime offering.

In addition to offering The Stratos Advantage, Stratos works with application partners to deliver broadband business solutions in key maritime business areas. These solutions include voyage management, remote management, IT management and cargo management, which help reduce fuel and operations costs and improve crew and customer satisfaction. Maritime customers can secure more information on FleetBroadband from Stratos by calling their Stratos account manager or by visiting

About Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement was created in 2008 by combining four ship-management organizations already owned by the Schulte Group into one integrated maritime services company. After years of excellence as autonomously managed companies, Hanseatic Shipping, Dorchester Atlantic Marine, Eurasia Group and Vorsetzen Bereederungs- und Schiffahrtskontor combined forces to establish Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement as a unified and extremely resourceful global platform providing a superior portfolio of maritime and engineering services. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement is a highly integrated maritime services company and a market leader in quality, versatility and fleet size. Its infrastructure of Service and Crew Delivery Centers in more than 25 countries around the globe maintains the highest degree of operational and safety integrity over a managed fleet of more than 700 ships, more than 17,000 employees onboard and 1,000 employees ashore. For more information visit

About Stratos
Stratos is the world's trusted leader for vital communications. Stratos offers the most powerful and extensive portfolio of remote communications solutions including mobile and fixed satellite and microwave services. More than 20,000 customers use Stratos products and industry-leading value-added services to optimize communications performance. Stratos serves U.S. and international government, military, first responder, NGO, oil and gas, industrial, maritime, aeronautical, enterprise, and media users on seven continents and across the world's oceans. Stratos is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inmarsat plc. For more information, visit

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