Stratos Wins Critical WiMAX Radio Licenses in Gulf of Mexico

--Two zones awarded to Stratos cover wide swath of GoM region --

Stratos Global Corp., the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, today announced it has been selected as the winning bidder for two of the three geographic zones for 2.5 GHz broadband radio service (BRS) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). The Federal Communications Commission's Auction 86 concluded October 30. The two zones awarded to Stratos cover approximately 90 percent of the structures and platforms in the three auctioned areas.

The 2.5 GHz BRS spectrum is the U.S. standard for WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). Both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services can be provided in the 2.5 GHz spectrum. Those services are ideally suited for fixed rigs or platforms, work boats and other vessels, and a wide range of mobile communications applications. Speeds and bandwidth in the 2.5 GHz spectrum are comparable to land-based DSL and cable-modem service.

"These critical licenses enable us to introduce new offerings to complement our existing services for the GoM energy industry," said Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm. "The IP-based services we soon will introduce will be consistent with the high-bandwidth, low-latency features of our current microwave network and will be competitively priced against VSAT and legacy radio technologies."

Parm added, "Stratos has more than a decade of experience serving the demanding communications requirements of the energy and transportation industries in the often harsh GoM environment. We most recently demonstrated the resiliency of our microwave network in the aftermath of hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008."

The rebuild of the Stratos microwave network in the aftermath of 2005's hurricane Katrina featured multiple ring architecture, redundant beach crossings and enhanced systems for provisioning, service assurance and network monitoring. The network proved its functionality in 2008 in automatic re-routing of traffic and in the rapid restoration of services in areas where hurricane damage had occurred. As testament to the network's effectiveness, several large users significantly expanded their use of Stratos microwave services in 2009.

In the past two years, Stratos investments to upgrade, expand and enhance the functionality and resilience of its microwave network have exceeded US$6 million. Examples include installation of Ethernet radios, replacement of on-shore radio hops with fiber optics, and continued transition to an IP-based network to provide high bandwidth, cost-effective services such as WiMAX.

Stratos expects to offer its new WiMAX services in the third quarter of 2010 and is now selecting equipment vendors and working with potential customers to design, customize and prioritize its build-out.

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