Inmarsat and Pearson to deliver eLearning solutions

Inmarsat is teaming up with Pearson - one of the world’s largest learning companies - to improve access to education and learning in rural and isolated communities around the world.

As part of a strategic collaboration, the two companies are planning to carry out an eLearning pilot with a school in Southern Africa before the end of 2013.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Inmarsat as it enters the eLearning market alongside one of the largest and most respected learning solutions providers in the world,” said Drew Brandy, Inmarsat’s Vice President, Industry.

Realise goals
“The ubiquitous nature of Inmarsat’s global network means that students in remote regions can now access the same, high-quality education as those located in areas covered by a strong, existing terrestrial communications infrastructure.”

Fadi Khalek, Pearson’s Vice President of Higher Education and Applied Learning, said: “We are excited about what this new strategic collaboration can bring to learners who have previously found it difficult to access quality learning products due to their remote location.

“We are committed to helping learners everywhere achieve their potential and realise their educational goals.”

Missing link
Pearson will provide educational content via BGAN Link – Inmarsat’s broadband data service for users who need high volumes of data in one location – and our upcoming high-speed Global Xpress network.

With Inmarsat connectivity and Pearson’s online learning platform, teachers will be able to access digital content, lesson plans and supplementary materials to deliver to their class, while students can download digital content, upload assignments and take online assessments.

“This collaboration has the capacity to enhance access to learning in a very meaningful way by providing the missing link many of these communities desperately need – connectivity,” said Nada El Marji, Inmarsat’s NGO Business Director.

“Education is a global issue and key to improving quality of life, and Inmarsat is delighted to play a role in helping to improve access to quality education.”

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