Routing Services to Inmarsat Mobiles for Carriers

For international telephony carriers, Stratos offers fixed-to-mobile Inmarsat calls routing for all Inmarsat service types, on a global basis, either on a transit or direct-connect basis.

We also provide both mobile-to-fixed and mobile-to-mobile Inmarsat services to carriers who have such customer requirements.

Inmarsat-bound traffic originating in a carrier's network is identified as follows:

  • +870 – all Inmarsat terminals can be called using a single county code

Single Network Access Code (SNAC)

SNAC enables you to successfully reach any active Inmarsat terminal, regardless of its location, by dialing access code +870. Stratos offers this service because of our access to the full range of the Inmarsat portfolio and to all ocean regions.

Note that the previous Inmarsat ocean region codes +871, +872, +873, +874 were retired on December 31, 2008.

SNAC is supported by the Stratos Mobility Management service. The positions of all active terminals are registered in a central database and all calls are automatically routed to the right ocean region, regardless of the ocean region access code dialed.

Stratos also provides other Inmarsat Service Providers with missing Ocean Region coverage, backup and restoration services.

Stratos offers direct invoice billing with CDRs for carrier customer billing, normal net settlement procedures, and cascading settlements.

Stratos is an active member of both CompTel (Competitive Telecom Association) and ECTA (European Carriers' Telecom Association).