BGAN M2M delivers a global, IP-based low data rate service, ideally suited for high frequency, very low data rate SCADA applications in permanently unmanned environments. BGAN M2M will prove extremely attractive for monitoring fixed assets such as pipelines and oil well heads, or backhauling electricity consumption data within a utility. Learn more...

Typical applications:
•  IP and non-IP SCADA
•  Secure ATM/POS solutions
•  Fixed asset monitoring
•  Telemetry
•  Surveillance

With BGAN M2M you get:
•  Reliable always-on connection
•  Easy set up and robust design for long-term unmanned deployment
•  Network operational life into the 2020s
•  Support data speeds in excess of 100kbps in both directions
•  Support for a wide range of SCADA solutions
•  Low hardware costs, no reconnection fees, free firmware upgrades
•  Flexible pricing options with 4 low data rate plans to choose from
•  Remote terminal management, debugging and configuration options
•  Enhanced SCADA security services including intrusion protection and detection

Global Coverage:
The service will be delivered on a global basis over the Inmarsat-4 satellite network which will have operational life well into 2020s.

Coverage Map:

Inmarsat I-4 Coverage Map