Classic Aeronautical from Stratos

Voice Communications
Via the Stratos Aero H, H+, I, mini-M and Iridium platforms, Stratos provides aeronautical voice solutions.

  • Air-to-ground voice: Passengers and crew can direct-dial calls to over 220 countries worldwide, with operator-assisted calls to connect to locations with limited telephone networks. Flight and cabin crew calls can be made to pre-determined numbers, e.g. an airlines operations center, via short code dialing, encoded at the Stratos Ground Earth Stations.
  • Ground-to-air voice: Calls from terrestrial telephones can be made to the cockpit of an aircraft anywhere in the world using a number determined by aircraft location. PIN numbers provide service security. If required, access can be prioritized and pre-emption established, with calls restricted to airline and CAA personnel.

Data Communications
Via the Aero data platform, Stratos offers leading-edge data services:

  • Data-2: Stratos’ Data-2 service launched in 1990 supports a wide range of Air Traffic Management services. Providing access and support to services such as FANS and aircraft operational management, data services form the backbone of the aeronautical classical service.
  • Data-3: Stratos’ legacy classic aeronautical aero service was the first satellite consortium to successfully test Data-3 message transmissions. Data-3 message transmission allows simultaneous virtual circuits between the aircraft and the Ground Earth Station, enabling a number of different services to be set up. All GES’s are commissioned for both Data-2 and Data-3. Aircraft can use both services simultaneously with no degradation of service quality.

If you require a higher bandwidth option up to 432 kbps, consider SwiftBroadband from Stratos.

Coverage Map:

Inmarsat E&E Coverage Map