Aero H from Stratos

Best suited for commercial airlines, government and larger business aircraft, Aero H meets the needs of aircraft operators who require telephony, fax and data communications for passengers and crew.

Aero H provides simultaneous, two-way digital voice at 9.6 kbps, fax at 4.8 kbps and real-time data at 2.4 kbps. Aero H also offers cockpit data at speeds up to 10.5 kbps.

Aero H equipment operates in the Inmarsat global beams and is compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization/Standards and Recommended Practices (ICAO/SARPS). Aero H uses high-gain antennas that are available in various designs, including steerable top or side mounted phased arrays and tail mounted mechanical arrays. Each antenna design has unique characteristics, and the choice of equipment depends on the aircraft type.