Fleet F77 from Stratos

In essence, Stratos Fleet F77 is a marine-enabled Inmarsat GAN. It is an integrated service that allows you to choose from Mobile Packet Data (MPDS), ISDN, PSTN and low cost voice telephony.

Mobile Packet Data provides an "always on" channel where you only pay for data sent and received, not the time connected. In effect, “your thinking time is free”. Fleet 77 offers cost effective Internet Access, as well as real-time telemetry, SCADA and messaging applications.

Fleet F77 from Stratos also provides dedicated 64Kbps ISDN connectivity, enabling high-speed data transfer and high quality voice, fax and video, a 3.1 kHz audio channel for the connection of analogue devices as well as low cost "mini M" voice telephony and fax. Stratos offers enhanced Fleet F77 128Kbps service on a global basis.

Coverage Map:

Inmarsat E&E Coverage Map