Inmarsat C from Stratos

Register Inmarsat C from Stratos is a reliable two-way packet data service using compact, low-cost terminals. Access a broad range of Inmarsat C services from Stratos:

  •  Messaging
  • Stratos C-Email
  • Asset Tracking / Remote Sensoring – Data Reporting and Polling
  • Distress & Safety
  • Broadcast Messages
  • The Stratos Advantage

Inmarsat C from StratosConvenient and cost-effective messaging, to and from Inmarsat C terminals with many different service options, including e-mail, fax and telex.

  • Global Inmarsat C Messaging - standard Inmarsat C messaging in fax, telex and data formats
  • C-SMS - send and receive SMS messages via an Inmarsat C terminal

Stratos C-Email
This quick, easy to use, reliable service enables you to send messages via e-mail to any Inmarsat C terminal, anywhere in the world. Stratos C-Email is a gateway service between the international Internet (e-mail) environment and the Inmarast C network, greatly reducing the higher costs of traditional telex.

  • From the vessel - just send a message according to given format to SAC 28 or SAC EMAIL (no registration at Stratos is needed)
  • From the shore or fixed terrestrial location - You only need to register your e-mail address at Stratos to send e-mails to Inmarsat C mobiles using your existing e-mail service
  • Economical - you can use 5, 7 or 8 bits to send your messages in both directions
  • Secure - C-email is completely secure against unauthorized use
  • Cost effective - No subscription or monthly fees - pay only for what you use
  • Flexibility - Attachments can be very costly, at Stratos you decide whether you want to send attachments or not, at the moment of your registration
  • Informative - Free negative delivery notifications in both directions

Register for a new Stratos C-Email account or add e-mail addresses to an existing account today!

Asset Tracking / Remote Sensing
Use Inmarsat C Data Reporting and Polling to program mobile terminals to send a location or status report at programmable intervals. Ideal for:

  • Vessel monitoring systems - for local governments to control fisheries
  • Vessel tracking systems - for shipping companies that want to keep track of their vessels
  • Remote sensoring - for companies with specific technical installations required to send a status report to a control office at specified intervals

Distress and Safety
One of the main drivers for the development of the Inmarsat C service was the need for remote users to send a distress message in case of an emergency.

  • GMDSS Distress Alerts - priority distress messages to a Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
  • SSAS covert Alerts - covert alert message to a destination of your choice
  • LandMobile Alerts - distress call functionality for land mobile users

Broadcast Messages
Use Inmarsat C to broadcast to a group of mobile terminals with just one message.

  • EGC FleetNet - broadcast messages to a group of Inmarsat C terminals
  • EGC SafetyNet - restricted to IMO approved organizations, such as Coast Guard and Search & Rescue, to broadcast safety related messages

The Stratos Advantage™
There are many advantages of being a registered Inmarsat-C user with Stratos.

  • Stratos MobileLink™ - particularly useful in locations where sending messages / telex to Inmarsat mobiles may be relatively expensive and difficult or even impossible to set up
  • StratosOceanView™ - online fleet management tool
  • Special Access Codes - for automatic delivery to a specific destination

Coverage Map:

Inmarsat E&E Coverage Map