Leasing from Stratos

Accessing the Inmarsat Constellation
Stratos is the market leader in providing specialized leasing services over the Inmarsat satellite network. In addition to designing, implementing and operating the Inmarsat B Leased Channel Mode network, Stratos developed many of the lease services in operation today.

Not only was Stratos the first Land Earth Station Operator to deploy and operate enhanced leasing services over the Inmarsat satellite network, Stratos is also the only operator capable of accessing all nine satellites from our own earth stations. We access 98°W from our facilities at Laurentides in Canada; 143.5°E and 142°W from Auckland, New Zealand; 109°E, IOR and POR from both Auckland and Perth; and 25°E AORE, AORW and IOR from Burum in The Netherlands.

Unrivalled Expertise
Stratos offers unrivalled expertise in leasing based on a deep understanding of the unique requirements of some of the world's most demanding and discerning users of satellite communications. Stratos also has broad experience in the actual deployment of enhanced leasing services. We believe we offer the most advanced services in the world today, giving you unprecedented flexibility and capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Stratos provides leasing services to an extensive group of maritime and land mobile industries including international shipping and cruise lines, fishing fleets, offshore oil and gas projects, broadcasters, and yachters. We also provide services to government agencies such as the military, diplomats, law enforcement, fisheries enforcement, coast guards, emergency response, and UN peacekeeping operations.

Special Leasing Services

Lease Channel Management Tool
Our unique Lease Channel Management Tool (LCMT) is the heart of Stratos' leasing service. The LCMT is a powerful web-based application that allows you to quickly and easily manage your lease capacity, assign terminals to leases, check the status of terminals, and perform other critical operations. Although it is a web-based tool, the LCMT successfully passes military security requirements.

Point to Multipoint Services (PMP)
PMP Lease services are designed to meet your specific requirements. Each solution is totally unique, developed by working closely with your organization. Typical applications Stratos have developed and deployed for include Differential GPS, commercial asset tracking, media broadcasting , chart updates and weather reports. Stratos also provides PMP leases in support of military programs.

Spot Beam Leases
Spot beam leases support GAN, Fleet and Swift 64 users who require guaranteed dedicated capacity. Stratos supports a portfolio of services that provide you with enhanced capability. Using the LCMT, you can provision and control all of these leases in near-real time.

B Service Leasing
Stratos offers a comprehensive range of specialist B leasing services ranging from the simple 64Kbps CN-17 leases to our superior Enhanced Leasing Service (ELS).

ELS, the current market-leader, is a second-generation service used by navies worldwide to provide reliable voice and data communications in the harshest of environments. ELS doubles throughput on a lease without compression, thereby increasing the data rate to 128Kbps. ELS also enables lease channel sharing. For example, two ships can share a 128Kbps connection, giving each 64Kbps. Or four ships could have 32Kbps each or any combination adding up to 128Kbps.