Swift64 from Stratos

Aero Satellite ServiceSwift64 from Stratos has been designed to meet the needs of government aircraft, commercial aircraft passengers, corporate users and the flight deck – providing immediate access to the Internet and to business-critical information virtually wherever it is needed.

Delivered through the spot beams of the Inmarsat 3 satellites, Swift 64 is a unique combination of Swift64 Mobile ISDN plus Swift64 Mobile Packet Data services – giving you access to both the high quality and speed of a full ISDN service and the cost-effective flexibility of a full IP service.  Swift64 from Stratos provides up to 256 kbps connectivity, and supports many of the popular cryptos.


  • From 64kbit/s to 256kbit/s ISDN two-way communications
  • Alternatively, a UDI (Unrestricted Digital Information) channel
  • Multi-channel avionics
  • Co-operative operation with other Inmarsat aero services provided by Aero H/H+ systems via the
  • Use existing Aero H/H+ aircraft antenna
  • Stand-alone installation is available
  • Operation within the spot beam coverage of Inmarsat 3 satellites
  • Affordable service charges based on per minute usage

Swift64 Mobile Packet Data

  • Service with Mobile Packet Data connection instead of Mobile ISDN connection
  • Full TCP-IP connectivity
  • Per-bit charging
  • Always-on connectivity

Typical Applications

  • Access to a range of terrestrial communications facilities
  • ISDN Access – direct and efficient error-free connection to terrestrial ISDN- compatible circuits gives easy integration of corporate and airline airborne platforms into ground-based private networks
  • Mobile Packet Data – unlimited Internet connectivity for cost-effective access to corporate intranets and global e-mail solutions


As the world’s leading provider of Swift64 aeronautical solutions, Stratos continues to grow and innovate our solutions:

  • Stratos ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) – connect your aircraft to the ground network to seamlessly provide network-centric warfare capabilities even in the air.  Stratos has been part of successful ISR and remote surveillance teams on rotary, fixed and UAV platforms
  • Swift64 Closed Network – leased line services for high volume customers, including the world’s militaries and governments
  • Remote Command and Control Solutions – Stratos is currently developing remote command and control solutions using 4-channel Swift64 airborne for video surveillance connected via the Stratos network, to a ground control operating either 4-channel GAN or BGAN—which will provide a whole new level of flexibility and service.

If you require a higher bandwidth option up to 432 kbps, consider SwiftBroadband from Stratos.

Coverage Map:

Inmarsat E&E Coverage Map