Iridium Automated Flight Following from Stratos

Iridium Automated Flight Following from Stratos provides safety and security through constant satellite tracking of your aircraft. The required flight tracking hardware works seamlessly with emerging and existing Iridium satellite equipment.

With Stratos' web-based flight mapping there is no software to install and you can view your aircraft from any Internet-capable computer 24 hours a day.


  • Real time aircraft statistics, including speed, altitude and heading
  • On demand historical flight information
  • Custom reporting intervals for optimizing costs
  • No software to install
  • Supports multiple viewers at no extra cost
  • Low entry cost
  • Complies with US Government AFF contractor requirements
  • Web based GUI for tracking feedback

Voice Services

  • One phone number to the aircraft worldwide
  • Full voice services – call forwarding, call restrictions, message notification
  • Personal Mailbox for voice mail and text messages
  • Secure communications via Iridium’s independent network infrastructure
  • Enhanced services supported on ICARUS SatTalk II Aircraft Satellite Telephone System

Two Data Services

  • Dial-Up Data Service at rates up to 2.4 kbps
  • Direct Internet Data featuring transparent compression for data transmission rates of up to 10 kbps

Iridium World Paging Service

  • Global messaging through the Motorola Satellite Services™ 9501 pager
  • Alphanumeric messages up to 120 characters or numeric messages up to 20 digits
  • Transmission of mobile terminated messages to the pager via Internet or e-mail free of charge

Short Message Service (SMS)

  • Send and receive SMS through your Iridium phone or L-Band Transceiver (LBT)
  • Two-way global text messaging
  • Up to 160 alphanumeric characters in a single message
  • Transmission of messages to a pager via the Internet or e-mail free of charge