Iridium Extreme from Stratos | Satellite Phone

Iridium Extreme Satellite PhoneIridium Extreme is an all-in-one satellite phone, with the ability to locate users anywhere on the globe. It is more than a satellite phone – it will provide customers one solution in hand for voice, data, GPS, SOS, online tracking and SMS.

Designed to support high use customers of satellite phone communications, the Iridium Extreme is made especially for those who are out in the elements and need reliable and durable communications.

Iridium Extreme is the:

  • first Satellite phone meeting Military specifications
  • first IP65 rated satellite phone
  • first open development platform for location based services
  • first satellite phone to be compliant with satellite emergency notification device (SEND) features

Iridium Extreme is integrated with StratosTrax, our new portal that enables tracking all phones under your account with Google mapping providing views in Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain.  Iridium Extreme’s PIN-protected tracking function can be turned off, for users who prefer not to share their location.


  • GPS enabled: view/send GPS position as SMS to another device or to StratosTrax tracking portal using Short Burst Data
  • Enhanced security: program your SOS button and use the protective cover to avoid accidently sending an SOS; there is also the keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security
  • Rugged design: high-gain antenna with reinforced antenna cap; water and shock resistant
  • In-hand ergonomics: thin, light phone with diamond-tread rubber grip and cinched waist
  • Enhanced voice quality: hear clearly from the top mounted speakerphone and be heard clearly thanks to the wind resistant microphone
  • User friendly: use headset and hands-free capabilities, and an easy to use interface with illuminated weather-resistant keypad


  • Pre-programmable International Access Code
  • Mailbox for voice, numeric & text messages
  • Address book (100 entry capacity) for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
  • SIM-based address book (155 entry capacity)
  • Call history for received, missed and dialed calls
  • User-configurable call timers to manage costs


Iridium is the world’s only truly global mobile telecommunications system, a satellite-based, wireless network for voice and data communications in places without terrestrial or cellular coverage.