Iridium Sailor SC4000 Maritime Unit from Stratos

Whether you are relaxing on a yacht, working on a commercial vessel, or sitting in a remote office, the SC4000 Fixed Mount Unit with Iridium from Stratos services, offers exceptional voice communications without distortion, signal delays, immobility or inconvenient links ashore on the world’s largest satellite communications network.

The SC4000 is a fixed unit consisting of an antenna, transceiver and handset and provides flexibility in installation and, ease-of-use while withstanding the harshest conditions. As one of the smallest and most compact satellite communications systems designed for any environment, the Sailor SC4000 is a cost-effective complement or convenient alternative to conventional communications.


  • Weather Resistant Handset works like a standard telephone
  • Data Capable: 2.4 kbps dial-up, 10 kbps direct Internet
  • RJ-11 Jack, allowing connection to a PBX or an external analog phone.

Kit includes

  • Transceiver Unit
  • Control Handset
  • Antenna
  • 9-Pin (F/F) Data Cable
  • Installation & Operation Manuals

Optional Components

  • Power Supply (110/220 VAC to 24V DC)
  • Various length antenna cables