Microwave Services

As an energy operator in the Gulf of Mexico, you can access cost-effective and reliable voice, data, video, computer networks and Internet through our state-of-the-art digital microwave system.

Our microwave network reaches from Port Mansfield, Texas to the coast of Alabama and southward into deepwater sites in the Gulf of Mexico. Using an MPLS Core over a Packet and SONET based digital microwave system we cover nearly all "on the shelf" producing regions throughout the Gulf.

One of the key benefits of our worldclass microwave infrastructure is that is does not suffer from technical challenges like latency and rain attenuation that require additional measures to mitigate for VSAT. In addition, we have further enhanced reliability by using nested-ring configurations, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) technology, and innovative systems that enable remote monitoring from several onshore offices across the Gulf Coast.

Use StratosMAX II and StratosMAX II Nomadic to connect your fixed and nomadic oil rigs, platforms, and offshore vessels back to corporate networks onshore.

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