StratosMAX II™

Built on our industry leading digital microwave backbone network, StratosMAX II provides high broadband speeds with very low latency at rates competitive with VSAT alternatives. 

StratosMAX II uses WiMAX technology over our exclusive FCC licensed 2.3GHz and 2.5GHz frequencies, providing high-quality connectivity back to the Internet, voice services, and corporate networks. In addition, StratosMAX II provides built-in VSAT failover back-up to ensure that mission-critical communications are not impacted by service interruptions. This feature provides customers with a level of performance and reliability that is unparalleled in the GoM.


  • High Speed: superior bandwidth capabilities compared to alternative last mile solutions
  • Low Latency: maintains service reliability providing maximum voice and data quality
  • Reliable Network: industry-leading microwave backbone system offers a robust, reliable, and cost effective network
  • Maximum performance: greatly reduced interference via our fully owned licensed frequency spectrum: 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz
  • Cost effective: higher bandwidth at comparable cost to Point to Point microwave and VSAT
  • Long-term Investment: scalable suite of service offerings that grow with your needs

Service Offerings

Choose from a number of speeds and service combinations to meet your performance and cost requirements.  

Service Description   Data Speed Service Features Ideal for 
 Lite  Up to 512 kbps 2 VoIP Lines  Small and medium operators in GoM that are currently utilizing 128k VSAT 
 Bronze  Up to 1 Mbps  2 VoIP Lines
VSAT Back-up
 Standard exploration and production platforms
 Silver  Up to 3 Mbps 2 VoIP Lines
VSAT Back-up 
 Larger scale platforms
 Gold  Up to 5 Mbps  4 VoIP Lines
VSAT Back-up 
 Data-intensive offshore operations
 Nomadic  Up to 1 Mbps  2 VoIP Lines
VSAT Back-up
 Mobile rigs, lift boats, work boats, energy companies that temporarily set up on different sites.
 Custom Custom fixed-location services that can exceed Gold Level data speeds   Special high speed applications

Coverage Map:

StratosMAX II Coverage