The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) marketplace represents a fast growth industry and Inmarsat's broad portfolio of product and services enables our customers to save time and money while increasing security. For more than 20 years, with more than 10,000 SCADA sites, Inmarsat has successfully serviced the narrow-bandwidth SCADA application requirement of customers world wide.

Higher efficiency, satellite-based systems are essential to the successful deployment of new broadband IP applications. With more reach than ever, combined with available enhanced services such as high bandwidth, voice, and video, Inmarsats' SCADA portfolio provides more services to more areas.

BGAN M2M is an evolution of the existing BGAN hardware and service providing a new generation of services designed specifically for low data rate SCADA applications.

DataSat II
DataSatII from Stratos provides broadband, two-way VSAT based SCADA through IP or serial for your entire network.

IsatData Pro
IsatData Pro delivers very low data rate communication over Inmarsat’s I4 L-band satellite constellation for customers in remote and harsh environments.

SkyWave from Stratos provides SCADA satellite services over the Inmarsat IsatM2M network for the oil and gas, utility, environmental and transportation industries to monitor and control assets.

The SDT-5000 from Stratos is a satellite modem connecting you to one of the world’s most reliable wireless communications network.