DataSat II™ from Stratos

SkyEdge TerminalDataSatII from Stratos provides broadband, two-way VSAT based SCADA through IP or serial for your entire network.

This integrated solution offers unmatched technical and operational experience embedded into one enhanced system. Networks, regardless of size, can provide value-added features, full flexibility and multiple types of VSAT’s for a superior service offering.

The DataSat II family of products offers new embedded technologies including: acceleration, VPN, QoS, high inbound bit rates, improved access scheme and modulations resulting in maximum efficiency and performance from your satellite network.

The DataSat II family also offers a cost effective method for delivery of complete communication services required by enterprises, carriers, and service providers, from interactive data to broadband IP, public and corporate telephony and beyond. The versatility of the DataSat II product line allows customers to meet their present and future business objectives, providing the option to deploy every communication application across all market segments, today.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple service options starting at 32 Kbps
  • Flat rate pricing.
  • IP and/or serial communication
  • Advanced Quality of Service
  • Built-in accelerated VPN
  • Flexible platform; AC/DC options; outside IDU option
  • Advanced encryption
  • Standard-compliant
  • Improved bandwidth efficiency
  • Superior 24x7 pro-active monitoring

Coverage Map:

DataSat Coverage Map