The Stratos Advantage™

Get more from your remote communications with The Stratos Advantage™ suite of award-winning value-added services that provide management information, data compression, self-service tools, and much more.

The Stratos Advantage

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AmosConnect 8
AmosConnect 8 from Stratos is the completely renewed version of the popular AmosConnect service. It has evolved into a flexible, no hassle communications platform for vessels at sea.

GSM Oceanwide
With GSM Oceanwide, use your GSM cell phone onboard vessels in deep waters, even when outside of GSM coverage areas.

PSA and Accounting Authority
Companies can choose Stratos as their Accounting Authority. With a Stratos account customers will receive invoices in one single currency and Stratos will take care of paying the various operators.

Stratos ChatCard™
Stratos ChatCard is an easy-to-use, prepaid calling card that allows crew members to stay in touch with family and friends - boosting morale and lowering turnover.

Via a web interface, use StratosConsole to proactively monitor traffic 24/7 at remote sites for all Stratos’ microwave, VSAT and StratosMax services.

Stratos Dashboard™
Stratos Dashboard offers a full range of management information, cost and traffic control capabilities, and self-service tools to manage BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, Inmarsat Satellite Phone Services and Iridium services, through a convenient, web-based portal.

Stratos mini-M Prepaid Airtime
mini-M Prepaid Airtime from Stratos is designed for satellite phone customers who prefer to use prepaid airtime instead of receiving monthly invoices. mini-M prepaid Airtime from Stratos limits billing exposure and prevents unexpected charges.

Stratos MobileLink™
When calling a satellite phone, Stratos MobileLink offers great savings over the normally higher tariffs of local telephone operators and is an ideal for countries where local telephone operators cannot Inmarsat’s satellite network.

Cost-effective, global remote communication and web-based monitoring solution in one convenient package

Stratos OceanView is a powerful application for fleet managers to manage their fleet in an easy-to-use web-based portal on a global basis.

StratosNet® offers on-the-fly data compression and optimization for Internet connections from your satellite terminal – saving you money.

StratosNet® Accelerator
Reduce your standard IP access satellite communications costs on BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband by up to 90% with data compression from StratosNet® Accelerator

Our StratosNexus IP network provides interconnectivity to all Stratos’ satellite hubs — Lafayette; Houston; New York; St. John’s; London; Burum and Aberdeen.