AmosConnect™ Anti-Virus from Stratos

AmosConnect™ Anti-Virus from Stratos protects your IT networks - regardless if they’re at sea, in the air or on land – from the threat of virus infection. AmosConnect Anti-Virus is designed to optimize data communication over satellite and minimize your airtime costs.

AmosConnect Anti-Virus’ daily virus scanner updates minimize the risk of virus infections on your remote network. The updates are small in size and are further compressed to the absolute minimum via AmosConnect from Stratos.

Key Features

  • Small updates, resulting in minimal airtime usage
  • Fully automated updates, once installed no end-user interaction is required
  • Protect all computers on a network
  • Strong virus protection using proven technology

This security service is in addition to the email virus scanning system which is already present in the standard AmosConnect service.

AmosConnect Anti-Virus is a combination of the successful AmosConnect and Sophos Anti-Virus products.