AmosConnect™ Crew from Stratos

One Prepaid Stratos ChatCard - Three Modes of Crew Communication

Keeping in touch with loved ones via e-mail, SMS or voice has never been easier, thanks to AmosConnect Crew from Stratos.

Combining two industry-leading services—AmosConnect and Stratos ChatCard™—AmosConnect Crew also offers huge benefits to ship managers

  • A full crew communication solution
  • Operates entirely separate from the business communication onboard your vessels
  • Eliminates the need to manage crew mail boxes
  • Complete control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online
  • A motivated crew, and compliance with future ITF rules for free e-mail
  • Option to upgrade to a low-cost version that offers free e-mail to crew
  • Crew enjoy the privacy of having their own e-mail box
  • Use the same e-mail address on any ship or on shore, with your personal international SMS number