AmosConnect™ e-NOA/D from Stratos

Register for Updates Fast and free-of-charge compliance with U.S. Coast Guard requirements

Download AmosConnect NOA/D-USCG from Stratos makes it easy for vessels to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard requirements for electronic submission of Notices of Arrival and Departure (e-NOA/D).

While the U.S. Coast Guard offers an onboard solution based on Microsoft Office 2003 and its InfoPath 2003 component for submitting NOA/D forms, it is not always compatible with your onboard PC configurations.

To prevent delays and avoid having to make unnecessary Windows upgrades, Stratos has developed the easy-to-distribute and easy-to-install AmosConnect NOA/D-USCG software for onboard use.

AmosConnect NOA/D-USCG allows you to fill in the NOA/D forms, thus meeting the business rules of the USCG. You can then submit forms in the required format to the USCG National Vessel Movement Center.