Stratos Dashboard™

Stratos Dashboard offers a full range of management information, cost and traffic control capabilities, and self-service tools to manage BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, Inmarsat Satellite Phone Services and Iridium services, through a convenient, web-based portal.

With Stratos Dashboard you can activate, deactivate, suspend and un-suspend your SIM cards. You can also change features such as voicemail and configure firewall settings. You will get an overview (near real-time) of all your terminal usage, rated against your Stratos invoice price for completed calls and calls that are currently in progess. It is a complete management information tool.

At the beginning of each month you can download your invoice from Stratos Dashboard or have it emailed automatically in PDF format. In addition, you can subscribe to electronic call record feeds in D91, PSV or CSV format. For monitoring and cost control purposes it is possible to create groups for end-users and assign a credit allowance in dollars, either to individual or groups of SIM cards. In addition it is possible to allow your end-users to view their SIM card and traffic usage information.

Stratos Dashboard is beneficial both for our large direct customers, as well as our extensive network of distribution partners.


  • Complete control of all your provisioning and monitoring
  • Limit your credit risk with the credit control functionalities
  • Perform all online actions in real time
  • Access all traffic in near real time
  • Allow your end-users to view their (un-priced) usage information
  • Easily export reports to Excel or TXT format for further processing or distribution

All You Need is an Internet Connection

Stratos Dashboard is online – all you need is an internet connection. To get started, please contact us for a username and password.

Key Features

Variable Access Levels

Flexibility to control user views and access

  • Customer - all accounts and all SIM cards for one Stratos customer
  • Service Group - all SIM cards under one Service Group created by the Stratos customer and can be, for example, one of his own departments
  • Service Group Light: all SIM cards under one Service Group created by the customer with limited functionality
  • End user: one SIM card only

Online Provisioning

Complete control over provisioning actions

  • Activate (can be future dated for forward-planning)
  • Deactivate
  • Suspend
  • Un-suspend
  • Configure service details - voicemail and firewall settings
  • Add or remove IP addresses

Detailed Information

View company and SIM Card information

  • Your installed base, including the history of all actions performed
  • Contact data
  • Company address and invoice address
  • Contracts
  • Set-up email addresses for D91 and CSV delivery

Credit Controls

Proactively monitor traffic and usage

  • Configure High Volume Usage Monitoring
  • Create credit control groups
  • Assign credit (in $) to SIM cards
  • Assign credit to credit control groups
  • Have traffic counted down automatically when calls are made
  • Set alert thresholds (in $)
  • If required, have the SIM card or group suspend automatically when credit has been used - easily facilitates prepaid options
  • Send out alert messages to SIM cards or groups that reach the alert threshold or reach 0

All I-4 Traffic Types

Everything via one interface

  • Background IP
  • Voice
  • SMS
  • ISDN
  • Streaming 32, 64, 128 and 256 kbps

Call Types

  • Calls still in progress
  • Completed calls - these calls will appear on the invoice
  • For both call types, there are two options – with pricing (price as on your invoice) and without pricing (usage information only)
  • Calls with pricing can be viewed on the Customer and Service Group Levels while other users see only usage
  • For voice calls a “call in progress” CDR is received every hour, for data per MB
  • Completed calls - calls will be processed and made available after receipt from Inmarsat , which is between 15-60 minutes after the calls is made

Call Details

Complete details on every session

  • Time and date
  • ICC-ID, IMSI and MSISDN of the SIM card making the call
  • Called number
  • Duration
  • Traffic type
  • Origin and destination of the call

User Requirements

  • The highest level user (customer) must have a signed Stratos contract
  • Access for the lower level users (service groups and end-users) must be approved by the higher level (customer).
  • An Internet connection with a browser equivalent to IE 6.0 or higher is required