Stratos mini-M Prepaid Airtime

mini-M Prepaid Airtime from Stratos is designed for satellite phone customers who prefer to use prepaid airtime instead of receiving monthly invoices. mini-M prepaid Airtime from Stratos limits billing exposure and prevents unexpected charges.

To use this service, your mini-M terminal and/or SIM card will be commissioned on ISP code 8209, which automatically directs all your calls from the terminal or SIM card to the Stratos Prepaid platform. With mini-M Prepaid Airtime, you follow the standard Inmarsat mini-M dialing procedure (00 plus the number) when placing a call. Your talk time is automatically deducted from the prepaid amount in the prepaid platform. As an added benefit, every time you place a call, the system will announce your account balance, which helps you manage usage and know when to reorder additional prepaid airtime.

Other benefits of mini-M Prepaid Airtime include:

  • Voice, fax, and data are all under one account.
  • No additional account numbers are required since the terminal IMN or SIM is the account identifier, completely transparent to the user
  • No short codes to dial
  • No PINs to enter
  • No special software or hardware required
  • No additional training required - simply follow normal dialing procedures For mobile-to-mobile calling, your terminal or SIM card is charged in units of time equal to 6 seconds thus regular mini-M calls are rated at 10 units per minute.

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