Proactively monitor the status of your remote sites, 24/7, using StratosConsole – a web-based monitoring system.

An enhanced SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) tool, StratosConsole allows you, from any web browser, to measure, record, and monitor the performance of traffic flowing through various active devices at a remote site. These devices typically include modems, routers, switches, and other terminal equipment. StratosConsole is available globally for all MicrowaveVSAT and StratosMax™ services.

With a single multi-user license, you are able to securely access StratosConsole via a web-based interface to monitor traffic flows, conduct first-level diagnostics, and access real-time and historical performance characteristics.


  • Monitor and communicate complex networks in graphical terms without extensive operator and/or user training
  • Measure site performance from multiple aspects and set-up automated alert systems
  • Allows communications and IT teams to quickly isolate problems and zero-in on malfunctions
  • Identify "bottlenecking" trends and take action before they reach critical stages
  • Generate work and/or change orders to Stratos
  • Allow communications teams to run first-level diagnostics and issue trouble tickets
  • Notify Stratos of scheduled outages