StratosNet® Accelerator

Download StratosNet Accelerator can reduce your standard IP access satellite communications costs on FleetBroadbandBGAN and SwiftBroadband by up to 90%!

With StratosNet Accelerator, sending and receiving email, downloading files via FTP and browsing the internet via satellite is faster and more cost effective than ever before. StratosNet Accelerator optimizes your IP connection by reducing the content size. It works with any Inmarsat FleetBroadbandBGAN or SwiftBroadband service from Stratos and is an ideal complement to Stratos ChatCard Data.

To meet your needs, StratosNet Accelerator comes as either a:

  • Client-Server Based Application - compressing everything that passes over the IP satellite link and providing the highest level of compression and optimizing the transport protocol for faster, more efficient throughput
  • Clientless Version – configure your browser without the StratosNet Accelerator client; protocol optimization is not included (visit for complete instructions)