StratosNet offers on-the-fly data compression and optimization for Internet connections from your satellite terminal – saving you money.

  Download StratosNet Conventional Internet Service providers typically use networks that were not designed for satellite connections with unique protocols and relatively low connection speeds. Therefore, Stratos developed StratosNet – a service optimized for cost-effective Internet Services via satellite phone.


  • Multiple Services – StratosNet can be used with many satellite service types, including:
    • Inmarsat B, M, mini-M, GAN, BGAN, FleetFleetbroadband and Swiftbroadband
    • MPDS services via Fleet and GAN
    • Iridium 
    • MSAT
    • Any Data Speed – StratosNet automatically matches the data speed of the type of satellite phone placing the data call, giving you ultimate efficiency, whether your satellite phone is a mini-M operating at 2400 bps or a FleetBroadband terminal with 432 kbps capability
    • Optional Web Browsing – StratosNet offers Internet e-mail, web access and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capabilities; web browsing is options and can be disabled on your StratosNet account
    • On-the-Fly Compression of All Information Transmitted – to increase efficiency and minimize your connection time and costs, on-the-fly client/server compression is included as in integral part of StratosNet, automatically compressing everything transmitted over the StratosNet link, including e-mail, attachments, web browsing and FTP transfers (like any compression system, the amount of compression depend on the type and size of information transmitted)
    • WebMail – use Stratos’ WebMail service at to:
      • Access your StratosNet account
      • Configure custom e-mail filters
      • Set maximum file sizes to be transmitted or received by a StratosNet mailbox
      • Create black or white lists to block or allow specific e-mail addresses and domains to send to the StratosNet account
      • If web browsing is enabled, this is also a convenient way to configure setting from the satellite phone side
      • Pay Only For Satellite Airtime – there are no registration or monthly fees, and the software is free, you pay only for the satellite airtime charges to connect to StratosNet (as itemized on your monthly satellite phone bill)