Our StratosNexus IP network provides interconnectivity to Stratos’ satellite hubs — Lafayette; Houston; New York; St. John’s; London; Burum and Aberdeen.

StratosNexus is comprised of an ATM backbone. However, the equipment deployed is multi-service platform, capable of handing off TDM, ATM or Frame Relay to you.

If you have locations throughout the world, the network allows you to send/retrieve information via the closest Stratos satellite hub to any of our alternate Stratos satellite hubs at the local dial rate. For example, if you have offices in Houston and Aberdeen, when you call Aberdeen from Houston, you receive Aberdeen rates. When you call Houston from Aberdeen you receive Houston rates. The same applies to offshore rigs relaying information to onshore facilities.


  • High-volume bandwidth can be rapidly provisioned to accommodate diverse needs at different locations, through a variety of Stratos last mile solutions. 
  • With StratosNexus, we provide a regionalized Points of Presence (POP) that tags your proprietary information, adds security to it, and delivers a bundled package from disparate points across the globe. 
  • With a secure, managed network environment, you will be able to collaborate easily with partners and customers using extranets. 
  • Fully integrated voice services enable calls to be routed "on-net" to the Call Manager or PBX at your location, or to the Public Switched Telephone Network. 
  • By reaching global backbone carriers in a minimum number of hops, you will experience lower latency, lower total network costs, higher quality and greater network availability – depending, of course, on your particular Stratos solution. 
  • The network is "service aware," capable of prioritizing data-only traffic (standard service) and real-time voice and other applications (premium service), enforcing Service Level Agreements based on latency, packet loss ratio, network availability and response time. 
  • Pricing is distance-independent. Costs are determined by which StratosNexus teleports you access, and what level of service you need.

Coverage Map:

Stratos Nexus Coverage Map