In today's "remote office" environment, access to corporate networks while maintaining on-site efficiency are critical when operating in remote locations.


StratosiWare is a global remote communication and web-based SCADA monitoring service all in one convenient package. At any desired polling frequency, StratosiWare automatically communicates with your SCADA field devices and transmits data via satellite, cellular, radio or microwave across our global StratosNexus telecommunications infrastructure to Stratos Data Centers around the world.  

Your raw field data is stored in redundant, highly secure databases and translated into meaningful information and made available to you via a secure password protected internet application.


  • Cost control: global remote communications and web-based monitoring in one convenient package, for a low monthly fee.
  • On-site Efficiency: minimizes the number of skilled field personnel required to manage remote operations, reducing costly downtime and increasing production and profits.
  • Remote Management: with global coverage, you can easily monitor remote process conditions in different countries from any of your local, regional or corporate offices. All you need is a web browser and a secure login to StratosiWare
  • Turn-key Solution: Without StratosiWare, companies have to work with multiple vendors, several contracts, and numerous configurations to obtain an equivalent service.


  • Secure 24/7 access via Internet
  • Automatic 24/7 alarm notification
  • Fast installation and training
  • Can be used with both fixed and mobile sites
  • User friendly and intuitive interface - designed by users!
  • Now offering vehicle and vessel tracking!