Very Small Aperture Terminals

We know you conduct vital business operations in remote, isolated locations that require a reliable data network to monitor and control your assets. VSAT is more than asset management software. It can transmit critical information to and from remote sites where other communication options are neither available nor cost-effective.

Stratos delivers the VSAT technology solutions to meet bandwidth needs ranging from fax and voice up to video and high-speed Internet.

FBB Plus
FBBPlus from Stratos is a managed, flat-fee maritime broadband service combining the best of L-band and Ku-band to give you data packages of up to 25GB per month.

OceanVSAT from Stratos, based on Intelsat’s Network Broadband Global Maritime Service, provides global, 24/7 always-on broadband connectivity (up to 512 kbps) to vessels and fleets.

StratsoITek provides high-speed, always-on IP-based connection to the Internet and the International Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and corporate intranets – on a global scale.