OceanVSAT™ from Stratos

OceanVSAT from Stratos, based on Intelsat’s Network Broadband Global Maritime Service, provides global, 24/7 always-on broadband connectivity (up to 512 kbps) to vessels and fleets.

The Power of Maritime Broadband
OceanVSAT is one of "The Power of Maritime Broadband" offerings from Stratos, a range of services driving new innovations in ship management. OceanVSAT from Stratos seamlessly integrates each vessel with their office network worldwide, empowering business applications that yield:

  • Cost savings in ship management
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Improvements in recruitment and retention of seafarers

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cost-effective, always-on broadband access
  • Truly global broadband solution covering all oceans
  • Global Automatic Beam switching, which provides seamless C-Band coverage worldwide
  • Supports IP services for voice, data and Internet applications
  • Predictable cost structure due to fixed monthly pricing per vessel
  • Data rates per vessel from 128 kbps to 512 kbps
  • Guaranteed, engineered data throughput (CIRs) per vessel
  • Internet access and unlimited web browsing for improved crew morale
  • Supports integration of vessels with the office network
  • Supports applications for remote maintenance and monitoring
  • Network monitoring tools for real-time overview of onboard communication network status
  • Stratos worldwide 24/7 Customer Support

Technical Specifications
OceanVSAT from Stratos supports a vast array of IP services for maritime users including:

  • Voice with DID (Direct Inward Dialing) vessel number plan and Fax Group 3 capability
  • Multiple voice lines for simultaneous inbound and outbound calls, e.g. voice and fax
  • Remote access through a static public global IP address that remains the same wherever the ship sails
  • Global coverage through three Intelsat global beams (IS-605, IS-707 and IS-906)
  • Service predetermined for 2.4 meter stabilized C- Band antenna
  • Proven and state-of-the-art indoor communication equipment: SeaTel platform, iDirect 5100 modems, Cisco routers, uninterrupted power supplies

Applications Application Type Specific Applications
  • VoIP, Fax (G3), e-mail, file sharing, web browsing, VPN connectivity, network integration between office and ship
  • Videoconferencing
  • Store and forward video

Fleet Management
  • Real-time information exchange for troubleshooting
  • Remote company intranet access
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Secure communications
  • Large file transfer

 Vessel Management
  • Real-time troubleshooting, medical support, cargo information exchange, weather and ECDIS updates for optimal routing
  • Large file transfer
  • Vessel/engine telemetry

 Crew Welfare
  • AmosConnect Crew and pre-paid Chatcard
  • Crew communications including Web, SMS, VoIP

Coverage Map:

OceanVSAT Coverage Map