Aeronautical Solutions

Stratos is the world’s largest provider for both Iridium and Inmarsat Aeronautical communication services, delivering services second to none for the Air Transport, Business Aviation and Government / Military Aviation sectors.

With Stratos, voice, data and Internet aeronautical communications are simple, reliable and cost-effective. Stratos solutions enable you to maintain complete control over business and routine operations, both in flight and on the ground.

Unlike other communications providers, Stratos maintains a staff of aeronautical technical experts who – along with ground earth station engineers and outside partners, if necessary – can provide you with a complete solution – from concept to implementation.

Stratos’ aeronautical ground earth station systems have a completely redundant architecture with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, ensuring maximum communications reliability.

In addition, Stratos provides access to Ku for Broadband.


SwiftBroadband from Stratos delivers unprecedented high-speed data services for both the cockpit and cabin virtually anywhere in the world.


Swift64 from Stratos – our Mobile ISDN and Mobile Packet Data services – supports the full range of ISDN and IP connections for government aircraft, commercial aircraft passengers, corporate users and the flight deck.

Classic Aeronautical

Stratos offers a comprehensive range of satellite communication services designed specifically to meet the needs of the world’s aviation industries.

The Stratos Advantage

Get more from your remote communications with The Stratos Advantage™ suite of award-winning value-added services that provide management information, data compression, self-service tools, and much more.

Automated Flight Following

Iridium Automated Flight Following from Stratos provides safety and security through constant satellite tracking of your aircraft.

Secure Communications

Stratos aero services support all the standard airborne cryptos, such as STU, STE & FNBDT.