Energy & Natural Resources

The need is growing rapidly for real-time information and management of widely dispersed facilities such as oil & gas pipelines, electric power grids and water pipelines.

The oil and gas industry, which produces the world’s most in-demand natural resources, requires complex and secure communications. We understand that your communication requirements increase as oil and gas exploration, drilling, and production facilities become increasingly advanced.

Personnel on offshore rigs need reliable voice and data communications with other offshore and land-based operation centers in order to meet operating requirements and maximize efficiencies.

Inmarsat provides many different remote communication solutions, enabling “extended office” connectivity around the world. This means your rigs offshore or in very remote locations can utilize LAN, Internet and other applications that, in the past, were almost impossible.

StratosMAX II

StratosMAX II provides broadband wireless connectivity backed by the most extensive microwave infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico


StratsoITek provides high-speed, always-on IP-based connection to the Internet and the International Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and corporate intranets – on a global scale.


BGAN M2M is an evolution of the existing BGAN hardware and service providing a new generation of services designed specifically for low data rate SCADA applications.

DataSat II

DataSatII from Stratos provides broadband, two-way VSAT based SCADA through IP or serial for your entire network.

IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro from Stratos delivers low data rate communication over Inmarsat’s I4 L-band satellite constellation for customers in remote and harsh environments.


SkyWave from Stratos provides SCADA satellite services over the Inmarsat IsatM2M network for the oil and gas, utility, environmental and transportation industries to monitor and control assets.


Stratos Engineering & Integration Services (EIS) has a 20 year track record of being a leading single-source integrator of engineering, procurement, integration, and construction services.


BGAN from Stratos provides high-speed IP data (up to 492 kbps), up to 384 kbps IP streaming, as well as voice, ISDN and fax. Ideal for portable, remote communications for the remote worker, media, first responder, and government / military users.

IsatPhone Pro

Inmarsat’s new global handheld satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro, takes advantage of the world’s most advanced satellite communications network to provide exceptional quality and reliability.


The SDT-5000 from Stratos is a satellite modem connecting you to one of the world’s most reliable wireless communications network.