Government & Military Solutions

BGAN for Government & MilitaryMilitaries and government agencies face many challenges – operating in harsh environments, coordinating remote teams, and managing operational budgets.

In today’s ’connected’ environment, secure and reliable communications from land, sea or air is vital for any successful operation. Even from the most harsh in-theatre operations to intense training exercises.

Stratos builds relationships with our government and defence customers to continually develop and integrate broadband infrastructure to meet strict mission critical requirements for the world’s largest armed forces, coast guards, disaster relief organizations and other special forces. 

The Stratos Advantage™ suite of services helps you get the most from your satellite services, including additional security, tools for remote management, and command center control.

Global Broadband Connectivity

  • Largest independent VSAT and Mobile Satellite teleport operator
  • Secure global terrestrial backbone
  • Proven solutions integrator
  • Information Assurance and Operation Security
  • Voice, video streaming, IP Data, SMS, ISDN, GSM


BGAN from Stratos provides high-speed IP data (up to 492 kbps), up to 384 kbps IP streaming, as well as voice, ISDN and fax. Ideal for portable, remote communications for the remote worker, media, first responder, and government / military users.


Having evolved from the highly successful Inmarsat A, B and M systems, Fleet from Stratos provides high-bandwidth IP to maritime users from lightweight, compact, stabilized antennas.


Bring the office to the ocean with high-speed IP data access, e-mail, Internet and crew calling. Stratos is the world’s leading FleetBroadband provider.


Swift64 from Stratos – our Mobile ISDN and Mobile Packet Data services – supports the full range of ISDN and IP connections for government aircraft, commercial aircraft passengers, corporate users and the flight deck.


SwiftBroadband from Stratos delivers unprecedented high-speed data services for both the cockpit and cabin virtually anywhere in the world.

IsatPhone Pro

Inmarsat’s new global handheld satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro, takes advantage of the world’s most advanced satellite communications network to provide exceptional quality and reliability.


Stratos offers a variety of VSAT (very small aperture terminals) solutions to meet your bandwidth needs ranging from fax and voice up to video and high-speed internet, from typically fixed terminals.