Marine Communication: Mobile, Voice, Fax, Data and Internet at Sea

Stratos is the leading provider of maritime communications services in the world. By maintaining a strong relationship with fleets and ship managers, we ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of maritime reliability and convenience.

Today voice, data and IP communications are essential to all businesses. Stratos meets the fleet managers’ challenges head-on with unified technological solutions such as marine satellite, that seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate all your operations on the internet, at sea and on land and at sea – effectively bringing the office onboard the vessel.

We have an unrivaled understanding of how naval communications technology can be used to benefit the global maritime industry – through remote IT management, marine satellite internet, access to navigational and weather updates, not to mention position reporting and log books to comply with various national regulations. Stratos has also developed cost management and traffic monitoring tools to give you complete control over your sea communications.

Stratos also understands that healthy crew welfare is vital in operating a successful maritime business. Our pre-paid calling options and e-mail / SMS solutions provider your crew with a link to their loved ones at home.

We offer a wide array of maritime communication services to meet the needs of the largest commercial fleet, fishing vessels, and leisure craft.

AmosConnect 8

AmosConnect 8 from Stratos is the completely renewed version of the popular AmosConnect service. It has evolved into a flexible, no hassle communications platform for vessels at sea.

AmosConnect Crew

Keeping in touch with loved ones has never been easier, thanks to AmosConnect Crew from Stratos. Combining two industry-leading services—AmosConnect and Stratos ChatCard™—AmosConnect Crew also offers huge benefits to ship managers.


Bring the office to the ocean with high-speed IP data access, e-mail, Internet and crew calling. Stratos is the world’s leading FleetBroadband provider.


Having evolved from the highly successful Inmarsat A, B and M systems, Fleet from Stratos provides high-bandwidth IP to maritime users from lightweight, compact, stabilized antennas.

GSM Oceanwide

With GSM Oceanwide, use your GSM cell phone onboard vessels in deep waters, even when outside of GSM coverage areas.

Inmarsat C

Inmarsat C from Stratos is a reliable two-way packet data service using compact, low-cost terminals. Access a broad range of Inmarsat C services from Stratos.


OceanVSAT from Stratos, based on Intelsat’s Network Broadband Global Maritime Service, provides global, 24/7 always-on broadband connectivity (up to 512 kbps) to vessels and fleets.


Stratos OceanView is a powerful application for fleet managers to manage their fleet in an easy-to-use web-based portal on a global basis.