In the broadcasting sector, we know you depend on quick and easily-deployed high-speed voice and video communications.

Today, news is “old” in mere hours. Your news crews, often working in hostile environments, need dependable remote communications to relay information on the spot. For years, Stratos has provided instantaneous communication capability to journalists all over the world, even in areas of civil unrest or military activity.

Video Solutions

Stratos provides access to a variety of video broadcasting services worldwide that enable media users to send video over wired and wireless IP networks, such as BGAN X-Stream. Field users can upload video via a secure web portal, and studio technicians can pull down the stream and process for broadcast. So, you can be ready whenever and wherever a story breaks. Always have access to:

  • Live video and audio
  • Store and forward
  • Small, portable equipment
  • Stratos Nexus global network and Value Added Services


BGAN from Stratos provides high-speed IP data (up to 492 kbps), up to 384 kbps IP streaming, as well as voice, ISDN and fax. Ideal for portable, remote communications for the remote worker, media, first responder, and government / military users.

IsatPhone Pro

Inmarsat’s new global handheld satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro, takes advantage of the world’s most advanced satellite communications network to provide exceptional quality and reliability.


Iridium from Stratos is the only truly global mobile satellite voice and data solution with complete coverage of the earth (including the polar regions).