Billing Notices

If you have any questions, relating to your bills, or notices you receive with your bill, please contact Billing Customer Support at:
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Tel: +1 709-748-4226 Worldwide

Below are our most recent bill inserts:

FleetBroadband Gigabyte Allowance plans

We are improving the value of our most popular large FleetBroadband (Gigabyte) plans effective 1 November 2012, and active SIMs will inherit these changes so customers need not change subscriptions. Get more from your plans as:

  • the 1 GB plan increases to a 2 GB allowance
  • the 3 GB plan increases to a 6 GB allowance
  • the 10 GB Flat Fee plan converts to an Unlimited Plan with a Fair Use Policy

* SCAP subscriptions are charged per vessel, at a premium over single vessel plans. These plans support sharing the data allowance amongst fleet members once the number of vessels provisioned on the same plan is 10 or greater.
** The Unlimited (AYCE) plan is subject to a Fair Use Policy (FUP) to support reasonable network use; see the Unlimited Plan contract for the full terms of the FUP.
*** At 1 November 2012, only 1 SIM card may be provisioned per Unlimited Plan. In Q1, we expect to increase this to 2 SIM cards to support the installation of 2 FleetBroadband terminals onboard a single vessel.

As of 1 November 2013, we will no longer promote these plans; however, they will remain available for activations for the remainder of 2012 to support instances where a partner or customer has already made commercial arrangements under these plans.

FBB Fishing and Leisure plans

As of 1 January 2013, the structure and allowance of the existing Fishing and Leisure Plans will mirror that of the FBB Small Vessel Plan. As all active SIMs will inherit these changes, there is no need for subscribers to move to a new plan.

GSPS FleetPhone Entry Plan and FleetPhone Prepay

As of 1 January 2013, the structure and allowance of the Entry Plan will mirror that of the Small Vessel Plan. As all active SIMs will inherit these changes, there is no need for subscribers to move to a new plan.

For FleetPhone Prepay, existing Prepay SIMs will mirror the Small Vessel Prepay plan as of 1 January 2013, and these SIMs will inherit the changes so customers need not change subscriptions. As of 1 January 2013, FleePhone Prepay SIMs can only be topped up with Small Vessel Plan prepay vouchers in denominations of 60, 100 or 200 units. Also as of 1 January 2013, the burn rate of any balance will be in accordance with the FleetPhone Small Vessel Plan and no longer follow the FleetPhone Prepay plan of 2012.

GSPS IsatPhone Pro Humanitarian plan

Introducing a new GSPS IsatPhone Pro Humanitarian Plan as of 12 November 2012. With 3,000 minutes per month, across a maximum of 3 SIMs, for one predictable, low monthly charge, NGOs will benefit from a dependable voice service while keeping a tighter control of their field-based satellite communications costs. As with all humanitarian plans, certain conditions to qualify for this plan apply.

BGAN Geographic Plans for Russia

The following BGAN Russia Geographical plans will no longer be available for activation as of 1 November 2012:

    • BGAN MA Intro GEO Russia Plans

    • BGAN MA GEO Russia

    • BGAN Prepay GEO Stream (Russia)

    • BGAN Prepay GEO (Russia)

BGAN Standard 12 Month plan

In order to bring the BGAN Standard 12 Month Plan in line with the current Standard Plan, the list price fee is changing from $43 to $76 as of 1 January 2013. Note that this is the BGAN Standard Plan which did not increase in 2011.

Iridium post-paid, crew calling and prepaid

Iridium have announced changes to their post-paid, crew and prepaid offerings. Accordingly, Inmarsat wishes to advise customers that effective 1 January 2013 the following changes will be in effect:

  • Standard and Crew monthly list price fees increases from $41 to $48, all airtime rates are not affected

  • Australian Plan monthly list price fee increases from $25 to $30

  • Follow Me and Stand Alone Paging list prices increase for both monthly and unlimited options

  • Bundle Plans are no longer available for activation

  • Certain global prepay vouchers list prices increase (see table below)

  • Prepay vouchers for the Contiguous US-100 Minute Plan, Iridium North America Plan 800, Iridium North America Plan 2,500, Iridium North America Plan 6,000 and Iridium North America Plan 30,000 are discontinued

For a complete overview of the changes, please check with your Account Manager.