"SwiftBroadband delivers unprecedented high-speed data services to both the cockpit as well as passenger cabins, so that you are never out of touch."

SwiftBroadband from Stratos - Benefits

The Stratos Advantage
As the largest global provider of Inmarsat services, with users in almost every country, and a leading global provider of advanced remote satellite communications services, Stratos offers you a number of valuable benefits found nowhere else. When you choose Stratos, you will gain the following:

  • Cost Savings: via managed firewall traffic restrictions, QoS restriction options, network-based compression for web browsing, efficient messaging via AmosConnect, two-stage access for cheaper calls to the SwiftBroadband terminal, and the optional use of private networks.
  • Cost Management & Traffic Control: advanced online business support systems available for fast provisioning, change orders, billing, traffic information and credit control. Set credit limits on cards. and create your own prepaid offering.
  • Customer Security: Stratos-managed firewall, our global network including our PoPs and the support for private networks without any Internet connectivity available.
  • Quality Of Service: support for end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth services to your network. Pay only for end-to-end performance guaranteed connections!
  • Customer Support: Around the clock support via the web, with a local office and expert IP consultants available nearby.