"SwiftBroadband delivers unprecedented high-speed data services to both the cockpit as well as passenger cabins, so that you are never out of touch."

SwiftBroadband from Stratos - Value-Added Solutions

To deliver the highest possible quality of service, Stratos offers a full range of value-adds, including the Stratos Dashboard:

Stratos Dashboard for SwiftBroadband

  • Instant Online Self Provisioning: Activate your SwiftBroadband SIMs, special IP addresses, other Value Adds in minutes. The Dashboard gives you the means to review your contracts and installed base, as well as the ability to instantly activate, de-activate and change service configurations.
  • No more surprise bills: To monitor and control your costs, our extensive online SwiftBroadband customer care Dashboard provides real-time information on the amount of traffic used for voice and data, and associated costs.
  • Credit Watch Facilities: You can monitor, manage and limit the consumption per SIM as well as per groups of SIMs, and provide your own prepaid offering.
  • Instant Reporting: You can create all kind of reports regarding your end customers SwiftBroadband usage. And conveniently, you can download everything into text and Excel.
  • Everyone can access, and benefit from, the Dashboard: Reduced troubleshooting: The Stratos Dashboard contains multiple Access levels. You can give your end customers their own (restricted) access to the Dashboard providing all kind of relevant information. This significantly reduces the required troubleshooting efforts on all levels.

Stratos Trench for SwiftBroadband (Customer Managed Firewall) – Our Trench service is a personal firewall physically placed between the Internet and the SwiftBroadband network. You can authorize or block Web traffic and applications via a user-friendly online interface. You can also block unwanted Streaming traffic if you need to. Tailor and secure your connections and avoid any surprise bills.

Stratos BusinessAccess – As a corporate customer, you can easily extend your LAN networks to SwiftBroadband. You don’t need to set up special support or IT rules for your SwiftBroadband enabled aircraft. As soon as they connect via the SwiftBroadband terminal, it will seem as if they are working from the office. They don’t have to dial in to your VPN. By setting up BusinessAccess for your users, you will save both time and money. And once this is set up, it only takes a minute to add this feature for new SwiftBroadband enabled aircraft.

Stratos GuaranteedAccess – Our infrastructure extends SwiftBroadband’s guaranteed bandwidth (Streaming) to the terrestrial infrastructure, so bandwidth is really guaranteed all the way to your doorstep. Using GuaranteedAccess service, you will always get the capacity you pay for.

Stratos IP Access – Our value-added infrastructure allows you to enjoy all possible types of Internet access via public, private, static and dynamic IP addresses in order to support all your applications and network requests.

AmosConnect from Stratos – AmosConnect is a specialized messaging and information service. This state-of-the-art messaging technology provides you with a mailbox that supports e-mail, fax, telex, data, video and file attachments. AmosConnect incorporates high-level compression as well as duplex transmission, mid-point transmission recovery and allows for subscription to information services such as news, weather and sports.

Stratos 2-Stage Access – Stratos 2-Stage Access is a two-stage dialing service which allows an individual to amalgamate all their calls to and from any Stratos terminal on a single monthly invoice.